Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Danielle (Marie) Main

Danielle (Marie) Main


Danielle (Marie) Main, RMT

Danielle’s unique educational background started with certification as an Equine Sports Therapist in 2010 from the BC College of Equine Sports Therapy, followed by a Certification as a Spa Therapist from the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage in 2012. Becoming a Registered Massage therapist was the natural progression, combining her passion for holistic care with anatomy and physiology. She graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2019.

Though Danielle is versatile in her ability to utilize a variety of techniques to accommodate each patient’s individual needs, her ability to work tissue deeply while still providing a relaxing treatment is what comes naturally to her as a therapist. Patients should expect to spend a few minutes at the beginning and end of their appointment going over their treatment needs and home care plan.

Danielle’s passion for helping people is evident in both her personal and professional life. As a therapist she takes great pride in taking meticulous care of her patients needs and comfort while working with them on their personal care goals. In Danielle’s personal life she can be found running her Charity Leash of Hope Assistance dogs, where she rescues dogs and trains them to be guide or service dogs for people with disabilities. In 2019 Danielle’s charitable work was recognized by L’Oreal with Women of Worth Award. This aspect of her background facilitated the opportunity to be extremely knowledgable and competent at working with patients with specific needs such as those who are mobility aid users, or have visual or hearing impairments. She also actively participates in adapted sport such as blind hockey, equestrian sports, running and now training to be a competitive rower.

Tips for helping your session go smoothly with a blind therapist.

Danielle will guide you through what she needs, but please note the following:

-Be communicative and specific. Avoid pointing and saying things such as “I have pain here”.

-Inform Danielle of any open wounds, rashes or areas on the body that should be avoided. A sighted therapist will avoid these concerns automatically however since Danielle cannot see them she needs your help to be conscious of where to avoid.

-Don’t move furniture or items around. It can be hazardous and impede Danielle’s ability to move around the room smoothly during your treatment.

-Leave all your belongings in the designated area. Do not bring your cell phone or glasses onto the treatment table. Avoid leaving your shoes around the table, or let Danielle know they are there.

-Remove any dangly jewellery.

-Be courteous to her guide dog Pedro (during your session he may be in the treatment room.) It is understandable that not everyone likes dogs. However, Pedro is specially trained to assist Danielle get around safely. It is important not to feed or distract Pedro from doing his job, especially when in harness. When Pedro is off duty on his dog bed, you might be able to interact with him if you ask first.

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