Lindsay Millan, RMT

Lindsay blends both the Art and Science of Massage and believes fervently in whole body care. She is a moderate to deep FULL BODY THERAPIST however you can choose if you’d like her to focus on a specific area for a longer portion of your massage. She has worked for well over a decade as a Registered Massage Therapist, and is a very proud graduate of the former 3000 hour program (now 2000 hours).

Lindsay was born in the Okanagan but raised in Newfoundland. During her early career, she spent 13 years working with individuals having varying levels of spinal cord injury, and learned a lot about what the human body can surmount. She then took her education and worked in Corporate, Real Estate, and Commercial Law for 5 years in Vancouver, before returning to her roots in manual therapy as a Registered Massage Therapist. She maintains a strong hand in local arts development and presentation and is a local folk musician.