Olivia’s approach is focused on patient-centered care. She focuses on building trust and the goals made together to achieve optimal wellness. With a diverse range of patients and conditions, she tailors the treatment and techniques best suited for you.

Olivia Crnica, RMT

Olivia Crnica is a registered massage therapist who completed her diploma at Langara with over two years of learning. She has worked with many patients from different backgrounds and conditions, allowing her to understand people from all walks of life. Making it clear every person can benefit from massage differently.

Driven by a firm belief in the universal benefits of massage therapy, Olivia approaches each client with empathy and understanding, recognizing that everyone can find relief and wellness through tailored treatments. Using goals created together, she will use different techniques suited for you as she puts patient-centered care as a top priority. She can treat many conditions, including respiratory, gastrointestinal, orthopedics, systemic, neurological, pre/postnatal, and relaxation.

Outside her practice, she enjoys spending time with loved ones, exploring nature, and indulging in the vibrant food scene.