I have been doing this almost every day for a month and my skin has never glowed like this before!

I leave cucumber in water over night and in my water all day. Most days I add a little lemon, lime, apple cider vinegar, rosemary or pepermint leaves to add a little something extra. I feel great! I have more energy all throughout the day (thank you electrolytes!), I sleep better, I am more regular and I get less cravings (hello hydration!)

MY SKIN THOUGH! It’s so soft! If I do get pimple it lasts for less than half the amount of time it did before. Thank you Vitamin B!

Im totally hooked. And what’s fun is I find myself singing this guys song all day! Which is simply the greatest vibes all around! I love the way he says ‘cucumber’! It get’s me every time!


7 Reasons To Switch To Cucumber Water

  1. It keeps you Hydrated
  2. It helps with Weight Loss
  3. Boost of Antioxidants
  4. May help against Cancer
  5. Lowers Blood Pressure
  6. Supports Healthy Skin because of its high Vitamin B
  7. It boosts Bone Health



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