Okay, so what is fascia..?

This is a beautifully interwoven connective tissue in and around every part of your body.  It is between muscle and bone, skin and muscle, skin and bone, muscle and muscle and organs. This web-like system is what holds all our parts together and in place.

Yin yoga – if you’ve been or heard of – is the release of the fascial system. It places the body in a position and held for upwards of 5 minutes. Your body’s nervous system has a chance to relax allowing a slow ‘unwind’ of the fascial system.  If you thought you knew your body before a yin class, just wait until you stand and walk after the class is over. And if you don’t know what I am talking about….you’ve gotta try it.

How does it fit into massage…?

Massage therapists, like myself, who incorporate myofascial release into their practice are after that same affect on the body. This technique can range from mild and gentle to a warming, deep systemic stretch which has profound effects on the body’s fascial tissues. It works to release and soften deep hard adhesions.

For example, imagine a soft silk sheet spread out on a hard wood floor…now, with your pointer finger and thumb pinch anywhere you would like on the soft silk sheet. Now, holding that grip twist the sheet in a clockwise direction.  Notice how the entire sheet was pulled towards that one tiny wound ‘knot’ that you created.

Likewise, how many of us have purchased a new knit sweater only to snag one thread.  This wouldnt be a big deal, except that it is all connected so the whole sweater pulls in an unfavorable fuss. 

I love incorporating this technique into my practice…in fact, its my main tool when it comes to treating athletes, professionals sitting at a desk all day, shoulders that roll forward, endometriosis, runners with tight calves, digestive disturbances, back pain, hip flexor tightness and knee discomfort.

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