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Within the first trimester, regular pre-natal massage therapy is recommended to set the tone for the rest of your pregnancy. Massage techniques and pressure are used but expect only light to medium massage on the lower back and abdomen. Positioning is in regards to comfort at this time.

The second trimester is a time of large growth for Baby and side lying position is introduced. This comfortable position is appropriate as there may be a change in blood pressure while lying face up, and face down may become increasingly uncomfortable later into the second trimester. It is also much more comfortable for mamma and ensures full relaxation. Your pre-natal massage therapist can still massage everything they need to as if you were lying on your stomach.

The pregnancy massage treatment in the second and third trimester is catered to the individual needs of mamma, with the goals to decrease pain and discomfort while inducing relaxation for stress. There are also many drug free, effective self care techniques that can be done at home that are relative to each mammas condition.

Pre-natal Massage therapy can be helpful for expecting mothers with pregnancy related sciatica, edema, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, muscle tension and back pain.

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