Deep tissue massage, if practiced correctly, feels incredible.  It is that ‘hurt so good’ feeling that so many of us are needing for our muscles.

Great for sports rehab, relaxation, hip imbalances, sciatica, lower back pain, upper back tension and shoulder injuries, deep tissue massage utilises firm pressure with slow moving techniques to reach deep muscle fibers and layers.

It is commonly used when searching for trigger points (or ‘knots’) in the muscle belly itself. Massage uses kneading, squeezing, stripping and pressure techniques to simulate deep internal muscle fibers. Breathing techniques and relaxation excersizes are utilized as you and your therapist work together finding how much pressure you are comfortable with. Once a trigger point is located and worked on, we wait for a ‘local twitch response’ and for the referral pain to decrease.

Deep tissue and trigger point release is detoxifying and incredibly relaxing. Generally, one feels quite disoriented after a deep tissue treatment. Drinking a lot of water prior and after your massage is recommended.

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