When you’re alligned and open things will naturally flow in your direction when the time is right.

This isnt some ‘new age’ or ‘funky’ insight. It is not an invitation to sit your ass on the couch and passively wait for things to fall into your lap. Likewise, it is not an excuse to expect an outcome which is not directly related and perportionate to you efforts. Entitlement has no place here.

It is however, a scientifically proven fact that where you mind goes, energy flows. An article in Huffingtonpost.com explains, “Recent brain imaging studies are rapidly showing that the brain does in fact conform in its function to the “Law of Attraction”. Perhaps the most convincing evidence to date has been the discovery of “mirror neurons”. At first seen in monkeys, scientists eventually found a set of “mirror neurons” in humans that mirror the behavior of someone who is being observed. That is, when we observe someone doing something, the same pattern of brain activation that allows that person to do what they are doing (e.g. lifting up their right hand or smiling) is mirrored in the brain of the observer. It is as if the observer is doing those same things. Activations are seen in the premotor and parietal cortex of the brain: regions that prepare the body for movement and attention. Thus, our brains appear to mirror the actions of another person automatically. Similarly, when we act, the brains of others will fire in a similar way. Our actions cause similar action-representations in the brains of others.”

“The brain regions involved in “intention” are very connected to those regions involved in action. As a result, firing up those brain regions involved in intention will start to fire up your action centers. Intention needs to be strong enough for action to occur. Also, when you place your attention on a certain feeling (e.g. pain), it can worsen that feeling. By inference, when we place our attention away from that pain, the pain is decreased. Thus, it is not so much that we are “attracting” what we put out, but that we make it possible to feel and do things when we attend to them or intend to do them.”

Have you ever really decided on something and all the sudden the stars alligned? Everything that needed to transpire basically walked right up to you and said, “here I am!”. If you’ve experienced this (which, most likely you have whether you were aware/conscious of it or not) then you know the feeling of total exhilaration that alignment brings. This can take months of patience and trust that if it is meant to be, it will be, but once it’s ready to, it will happen.

So how do you make this happen? What do you need to start doing today and continue doing every day? 

  • Have the courage to speak what it is you desire! Tell someone. Write it down.
  • Put the things you desire out into the universe with the practice of visualization, intention and meditation.  These are the tools you can use daily to fertilize the soil in which the seed you’ve planted will grow. Daily meditaion is the water. Visualization is the sunlight. Intention setting is fertilizer.
  • Spend time in nature. Go on a walk outside without a plan or idea of where you want to go or how you want to get there.  Walk home from work instead of taking the bus. OPEN yourself up to new exereiences if you want new things to come into your life.
  • Start a gratitude journal. Every day write down 10 things you are greateful for. Hold yourself accountable to this. Set a timer if you have to! This will switch your focus from lack of fortune to abundance and gratitude. The universe coordinates with gratefulness! You’ll see your world (inner and outer) change instantaneously with this practice.
  • Don’t force things. Live simply. Live easy. Don’t bother comairing you life with anyone else’s. It is a waste of time and energy. Remember, what you think about you will create. Notice the difference between dictating your life (or anyone else’s) and simply observing it. LIke nature, our lives have a natural unfolding but it is not meant to be rushed or forced. Within us all is a flow which guides us. If we can silence our need to control, boss, order and judge, then we can know an easy, abundant, happy life.
  • Practice patience and trust. Everything always works out.

Then watch what makes its way back to you! What’s meant to be will be. You really can manifest your best life.


Much Gratitude,

Caitlyn Fry

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